About GSC

The School of Global Studies and Collaboration (GSC)

Our Mission:

The School of Global Studies and Collaboration (GSC) opened its doors in April 2015, becoming AGU’s 10th faculty. Our mission is to cultivate human resources who possess both a strong educational background and high level of specialized knowledge in the social sciences, with a focus on the rapidly growing Southeast Asia region. We encourage students to acquire knowledge and skills that will enable them to share perspectives and collaborate with others. It is our hope for our students to develop awareness as a global citizen respecting diversity and coexistence, and to have the willingness to serve the society.


GSC takes an interdisciplinary curricular approach. Four clusters are based on the social sciences: Media/Spatial Information, Sociology, Collaboration and Business. By pursuing studies in these four areas simultaneously, it is possible for students to acquire the knowledge required to pursue activities in a wide range of different fields.


Find out more about GSC at: http://www.aoyama.ac.jp/en/undergraduate/gsc/dg.html

Programs for International Students:

Aoyama Gakuin University has student exchange partnerships with more than 80 universities worldwide, helping create a vibrant and diverse student population. Surrounded by beautiful nature on the outskirts of Tokyo, our cosmopolitan environment is ideal for studying global collaboration. Come to AGU/GSC, and explore your cultural interest in Japan!

Find your academic opportunities here:

1. Exchange Student Program

Students enrolled in our partner universities are eligible to apply for the Exchange Student Program.

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2. GSC Japan Studies Certificate Program (JSCP)

GSC-JSCP is a tuition-based program for international students interested in studying Japanese culture, history, economics, geography and language. All courses are taught in English. The program also includes field trips, excursions, and Japanese language classes. International students have an option to study for one semester or a full academic year. They can also choose to start their studies in either September or April. Upon fulfillment of certificate requirement, students will receive the program’s certificate of completion.

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