GSC Japan Studies Certificate Program

GSC Japan Studies Certificate Program (JSCP)

The GSC Japan Studies Certificate Program (JSCP) is a tuition-based program that offers international students the unique opportunity to be exposed to the multi-facets of Japan, from traditional to modern. JSCP consists of 16 courses (32 credits), and all courses are taught in English. Students acquire in-depth knowledge of culture, economy, business, history and geography taught by scholars, practitioners and artists. The program is also designed to enable Japanese students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to introduce Japan to overseas in their future careers. This offers an ample opportunity for participating students to interact with Japanese students. Students will also be automatically enrolled in Japanese language classes, free of charge, upon acceptance at the Program (non-credit). Some of the coursework involves excursions or hands-on experiences. In addition to the Japan Studies courses, students can take any GSC academic courses in this program alongside GSC’s undergraduate students.

GSC Academic Courses

GSC takes an interdisciplinary curricular approach through four clusters (Media/Spatial Information, Sociology, Collaboration and Business) based on the social sciences, including some courses taught in English. Students will develop their global perspectives with a special focus on collaboration and cooperation with Asian countries. Through project-based learning activities, students will integrate theories into professional practice so that they can solve today’s social problems and improve the global community.
JSCP students are able to take any of these courses where they study alongside with GSC’s undergraduate students.

Program Structure


* In addition to above courses, all JSCP students are required to participate in field trips.

* All JSCP students will be automatically enrolled in Japanese language classes (non-credit).

Credit Requirements/Certificate Requirements

Students enrolling in this program can register in any of the courses offered by GSC. Students must take at least 15 credits per semester. A certificate of completion of the program will be given to the students who meet the following requirements:

  1. Completion of at least one semester of study
  2. Completion of at least 8 credits from Japan Studies courses


  1. Tuition fee per credit: 20,000 JPY (Minimum 15 credits registration is required per semester)
  2. Registration fee per semester: 30,000 JPY
  3. Extracurricular fee per semester: 20,000 JPY
  4. Application fee: 30,000 JPY

* Application fee and registration fee will be waived if applicants are from partner universities.

Application Requirements

In order to apply to JSCP, you must:

  1. Be enrolled as a degree student at your home university
  2. Have completed at least one academic year of study at your home university
  3. Be nominated by your home university (An official coordinator’s contact information from the home university is required.)
  4. Have achieved IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL iBT 68 or higher if your first language is NOT English
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